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Ці небяспечныя зацямняльныя шторы для здароўя чалавека?

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Sleep is one of life's great pleasures, and whenever darkness falls it's time for us to rest, especially at night when it's a good time for us to fall asleep. So when we are decorating, choosing curtains is also a skill. Modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of sleep, in the purchase of curtains are like silver powder coatedзацямненне штор. Blackout curtains can effectively block out the sunlight and ensure your sleep quality. But some people reflect the smell of curtains when the sun is very strong is very pungent. Are blackout curtains hazardous to health?Many things go both ways, and with their advantages, there are bound to be disadvantages. The cloth of blackout curtains is very thick, and there are many choices of patterns and designs, which are the favorite of many families who choose curtains. When using blackout curtains, many people reflect that when the sunlight is very strong, the curtains will emit a pungent smell, the smell will not harm the human body? This article provides you with information on whether blackout curtains are harmful to the human body and the issues to be aware of when purchasing.

blackout curtain in livingroom

Classification of blackout curtains

Currently on the market can be divided into three main types of blackout curtains, one is to hang a layer of additional curtains outside the ordinary beautiful curtains, generally coated, due to the use of glue, to achieve completely non-toxic almost impossible, some have a more irritating smell. Another is in the middle of two layers of light-colored yarn sandwiched between a layer of black raw materials, so that you can make in light different colors and patterns, but also the incident light fully absorbed. There is another kind is, purely rely on the density of knitting to achieve the effect of blackout curtains, this bed curtain is the most environmentally friendly, but also the most expensive on the current market.

blackout curtain in bedroom

Are blackout curtains really harmful?

Experts pointed out that "the majority of blackout curtains on the market at a price of twenty to thirty dollars per meter are using a chemical layer to achieve the blackout effect. Some, because they do not have a high-density process, through the shredded cloth crushed, and then glued together to achieve a high-density blackout effect. "Theseшторыin the use of the process, after the sunlight, the excess methanol contained inside, a long time inside the toxic components will be released, causing harm to the human body." The public is advised not to buy such low-priced blackout curtains.

The usual family use common decorative cloth to do blackout curtains, this cloth is thicker, good blackout effect, color variety, but also has a good decorative effect. If there are special blackout requirements, you can also choose blackout coated flocked curtain fabric, common polyester, chameleon, polyester jacquard, suede, etc., the base fabric surface coated with three layers, white on the bottom of the face, black in the middle, good blackout effect, non-toxic, tasteless, soft to the touch, sound insulation, heat insulation, anti-UV characteristics, semi-blackout coated curtain fabric, the base fabric coated with two layers, play a semi-blackout, blackout coated flame retardant curtain fabric, in full On the basis of full blackout coated flocked fabric, environmental protection flame retardant is added to the base fabric as well as the coating raw materials, so it has all the advantages of full blackout curtain fabric, but also has the role of flame retardant.