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Як павінна спалучацца абрус?

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More and more people pursue the beauty and personalization of home decoration. In restaurant decoration, tablecloths with the dining table are one of the more important. People often say that the three meals a day, indicating that the tablecloth in the day the use of the odds are very high, so the tablecloth of the dirty and durable, convenient cleaning has become one of the conditions for the purchase ofабрусы. The dining tablecloth's modern sense, elegant colors, elegant and smooth lines, comfortable and generous, beautiful and practical, become an excellent choice for daily home environment decoration.


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The dining table tablecloth is noble and elegant, has more beauty in the details, anti-drawing yarn design, is soft and comfortable, and can be anti-scalding, oil resistant, and non-absorbent.The dining tablecloth's three-dimensional embossing, and exquisite patterns, are the perfect embodiment of elegance and beauty, loved by consumers.


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Tablecloth in the choice of materials, selected high-quality velvet soft and lightweight, not on the desktop, dirty and durable, easy to clean, simple rustic style, in the indoor environment to strive to show leisure, relaxation, a natural interest in rustic life, to create a natural, simple, elegant atmosphere.


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Table tablecloths using high-quality imported cotton yarn, with natural cotton luster, good moisture absorption, skin-friendly and cool, green environmentally friendly textile special reactive dyes, high color fastness, table tablecloths do not fade after washing, no stimulation of the human body no harm, feel comfortable, fabric tight.


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Warm and soft material, simple and introverted design style, exquisite simple look and feel, pure cotton tablecloth fabric breathability is very good, strong modern elements, colorful flowers, realistic printing patterns, colorful, fine weave and dense density, long service life.


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Good table tablecloth and high-grade water-soluble lace design, as noble as possible, with exquisite fabrics, so that the perfect quality is just right, unique and exquisite quality, ordinary lace can not be compared. Dining tablecloth excellence in the production process, wear resistance is better, and the fabric does not pilling.


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Details reflect quality, rigorous car line, careful standard spacing, or bright or dark, the overall alignment can not be neglected. Tablecloth high-grade all-polyester blended fabric, containing gold silk strips, as noble as possible, with smooth lines, revealing a sense of superior elegance.


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The cotton tablecloth comes in a variety of colors, but the clever color palette keeps it from looking cluttered. Moreover, the boldness of the table is matched with bright table ki, and the similarity of the color palette makes them interesting. This shows that a wide range of colors is not taboo, but a close color scheme is a winning formula.


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The matching of warm and cold colors is a choice that many people are afraid to try, and a bad match will produce a clashing effect. In fact, as long as you can grasp the concentration of color can be. Warm tablecloths are lighter in color, so it won't feel strange to pair them with blue tablecloths that are more concentrated. The table itself also has a contrast between warm and cold tones, and it becomes the visual focal point.


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Tablecloths to a large degree can affect a person's mood, whether it is a tablecloth for home or restaurant tablecloths need to be carefully selected, from color to style, and can not be sloppy. Let your life become exquisite.